Content Strategy | Marketing Automation | Websites & Refreshes | Custom Magazines

Wainscot Health will fuel your marketing with engaging content-driven programs that propel consumers forward on their healthcare journeys.

We are experts in health content written for professional and consumer audiences in a variety of media. We can help you:

  • Fuel growth
  • Make your marketing budget go further
  • Do more in less time
  • Build a team with the skill you need

Some of our programs and services are described briefly below.

Patient Journey Marketing

Acquire more qualified patients for clinical service lines, achieving a higher return on investment than traditional campaigns and a much faster time to market.

Custom Magazines

Differentiate your hospital with an authentic magazine that isn’t just another newsletter. Custom health content, lifestyle features and local information inspire readers to take action.

BigFone Touchscreen Kiosks

Speak smarter, not louder, with interactive touchscreen tablets running the Android operating system. BigFone is literally a VERY big smartphone, and that makes it hugely intriguing to consumers.

Interactive Infographics

Make your story memorable with engaging interactive content. We use software by Ceros to design visually stunning content that your patients can view on any device without downloading an app.

Physician Profiles

Show the warmth and expertise of your physicians with the FACES program, a multi-channel content marketing program that profiles physicians in personal, community and point-of-care settings.

Service Line Marketing

Inform patients about the breadth and depth of your hospital’s services with a content marketing campaign designed to bolster the performance of an individual service line—or more than one.


Send custom, personalized content straight to your subscribers’ inboxes. We’ll build a professional newsletter template for your hospital and help you with content creation or curation, distribution and measurement.

Social Media Marketing

Get your own virtual content generation and social media marketing team. Custom blog posts help you engage consumers, drive website traffic and build trust and loyalty.

Video Production

Showcase physician expertise and service lines and build your hospital’s brand online with professionally shot and edited videos that engage patients on your website and social media platforms.


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