Your Doctors
to Show Their
Warmth and

Unmask Your Doctors
to Show Their Warmth
and Expertise

Faces is a multi-channel content marketing program to reveal the more personal side of physicians—what they do and care about beyond the clinical setting—through well-told stories and engaging photographs.

Distribution Channels

  • Landing pages
  • Microsites for key physicians linked with online hospital profiles
  • Print publications
  • Emails
  • Videos
  • Interactive digital content
  • Displays
  • Social media

How Will FACES Benefit Your Hospital/Health System?


Emphasize what you want to stand out about your physicians. Is it their community involvement, reputation, approachability?


Memorable portrait photography captures each doctor’s personality and makes a positive first impression.


Wainscot saves you time and takes care of all phases of the program so you don’t have to, from photography and interviews, through printing and building web pages.


We’ll work with you to create a plan to target the right audience in your service area and send traffic to content wherever you want it to appear.


FACES strengthens physician relationships and increases brand engagement, visits to your website and physician appointments.

Sample FACES

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Humanize Your Doctors to Win New Patients!

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