Fuel Service Line Growth

You’ve probably been told that you need to prioritize the growth of a particular service line—and that’s on top of your regular marketing initiatives. We can help.

Custom content by Wainscot Health can jump-start any department’s growth. This can be in print or digital format—or both.

A Flexible Marketing Tool

A service-line mini-magazine can inform patients about the breadth and depth of specific services rather than providing only a general overview. Your story can be told in as few as 8 pages or as many as 52…and be converted into a digital format as well.

Service-line content has driven real results for our partners. We’ve produced pieces for women’s health, geriatric and cardiac programs and more. It worked for them. It can work for you, too.

Here’s how a program like Healthy Aging can benefit your hospital:

  • DRIVE consumers to your website
  • GENERATE physician referrals
  • POSITION your hospital as a center of excellence for specific services
  • ATTRACT patients in your area who need expert specialty care
  • HELP consumers distinguish your hospital from the competition
  • HIGHLIGHT your innovations in care
  • WIN market share
  • BUILD patient preference and loyalty

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