BigFishSEO logo_300PP1If you’re like most business owners, you want more customers to find you online. But Google keeps changing the rules. Recent updates to Google’s search algorithm have greatly altered what it takes to be found.

Meanwhile, the typical business is handling search as though it’s 2010,when SEO was about embedding keywords in your website and getting other sites to link to yours. In fact, many firms that specialize in SEO are still all about keywords and links. This outmoded approach ignores things that Google now values highly, such as high-quality content about your business and positive customer reviews.

Wainscot Media is a content marketing digital agency who has developed an up-to-date system that gives your business the “Google juice” it needs. We call it BigFish, SEO for Local Ponds, and it’s engineered to let you to dominate search results.

BigFish is a transparent system of more than 300 steps that we perform all over the World Wide Web, not just on your website. The result is a huge boost in the profile of your business online, allowing you to dominate local search results on Google, as well as Bing and Yahoo.

Think beyond optimizing your website. Instead, optimize your entire online presence! Contact us for more information about BigFish.